Thursday, November 3rd, 2011...10:50 am

Scariest Costume Winner | jookie’s 6th Annual Halloween Fundraiser

Almost unanimously, Day of the Dead was voted as Scariest Costume. I’m very proud to announce the winner in this category for two reasons.  The first reason is that it is my oldest niece Delia (whose guinea pig the studio is named after), and the second reason is because she would like the runner-up “Mummy Princess” to have the prize basket!  So congratulations to both Day of the Dead and Mummy Princess!

My niece Delia has been really embracing her Mexican heritage this year.  Next year she’s thinking of being Frida Kahlo, who was German and Mexican, too.  A girl after my own heart! I think her cousin Peyton would have been very proud of her also.

We’ll announce the Cutest Kid Costume winner tomorrow, the Cutest Baby Costume on Saturday, and the Most Original Costume on Sunday – as well as the People’s Choice winner that is being voted on now via the jookie facebook page.


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  • how sweet of Delia to pass along the prize to the Mummy Princess whose outfit is also awesome! hope to see Frida Kahlo at next year’s fundraiser.

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