Saturday, November 5th, 2011...6:16 pm

Most Original Costume and People’s Choice Winners | jookie’s 6th Annual Halloween Fundraiser

Time for the exciting conclusion of jookie’s 6th Annual Halloween Costume Contest and Fundraiser.  Thank you SO much to all of the wonderful families that participated this year.  You made it the best fundraiser we’ve had yet – and for a very important cause in helping to find a cure for children’s leukemia. We hope the money you helped us raise will do lots of good for Children’s Memorial Hospital and their leukemia research program.

Several of our costumed cuties went head to head on the jookie facebook page this past week in our People’s Choice contest.  Mr. Bubble took an early lead but Strong Man, Lobster baby and Dorothy were hot on his heels for a while.  That contest ended today, and we can declare Mr. Bubble the victor with almost 250 “likes.”  It was a clean sweep as you would expect from such a soapy contestant.

The judges loved Mr. Bubble and Strong Man as their favorite Most Original Costume choices as well.  While Mr. Bubble took the People’s Choice, we announce Strong Man as the Most Original Costume winner, with Mr. Bubble the very, very, very close runner up.  (The Jelly Fish was also a strong contender!) Congrats to these adorable kids, and thank you to all their fans who came to visit them on the jookie facebook page and show their support.

We’ll follow up with the winners next week and set up times for them to come pick up their well deserved prize baskets.  We are planning to have all the complimentary 5×7 portraits ready by Saturday, November 12th and will follow up with all the contestants as well to start setting up pick up times.



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